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What Premium Care and Support Services is about.

Who are we

Premium Care and Support Services (PCSS) is a Nursing, Support and Care-based agency in Australia that offers best-quality home and community care services to people with a physical, mental or intellectual disability and other cognitive support needs in a person-centered approach. We are passionate about empowering individual ability to live a safe, comfortable and independent lifestyle.

We also support clients with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is a lifelong developmental condition that can affect the way a person relates to the world around them and how they interact with others. Symptoms usually appear in early childhood, however sometimes people are diagnosed later in life.

Each person is unique and will require different levels of support. Some areas of difficulty could be social communication and interaction, repetitive behaviours and preference to routine. Some individuals may also experience sensitivity to sensory experiences – sound, smell, sights, smells and tastes. People with autism can see the world differently and can develop a strong interest in topics or subjects, which allows them to create amazing ideas.

Acquired Brain Injuries

These are damage that happens to the brain after birth. This damage may also be called a traumatic brain injury. The causes of an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can include falls, stroke, infections, accidents, lack of oxygen and cancer. ABIs can happen to people of all ages at any time and can cause temporary or permanent effects.

The brain is essential in forming who we are and how we communicate and move. Once a traumatic injury occurs there are a variety of changes that can happen to the body. It’s common for those with an ABI to have trouble with memory, concentration, information processing and problem solving. Some people may also find it hard to talk to others and control emotions. Brain injuries can affect a person physically, which may make it hard to move or balance.

Effects of Acquired Brain Injuries

Mental Illness

What is mental health disability?

Psychosocial disability can arise from a mental illness and severely impact a person’s ability to recover. You can be considered to have a psychosocial disability if your condition significantly impacts your day to day living and your ability to participate in community life. It’s likely to be a lifelong condition where you need regular support.


Mental illness can cause great distress and has varying effects on people’s personal lives, including work, relationships and everyday routines. There are many different types of mental illness that can have varying degrees of severity. Some common types include:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • bipolar disorder

It’s important to note that mental illness and disability don’t go hand in hand, and there are people who experience a mental health condition who do not have a disability.

Physical Disabilities


Physical disabilities may be temporary or permanent and can affect your mobility or physical capacity in different ways.

  • have limited movement, weakness or paralysis in parts of their body

  • experience fatigue

The symptoms will vary from person to person depending on their condition and its severity.

People may find they:

  • Chromosome Disorders

  • Muscular Dystrophy

  • Fredreich’s Ataxia

  • Motor Neurone Disease

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Quadriplegia

  • Paraplegia

  • epilepsy

  • cerebral palsy

  • spina bifida

  • spinal cord injury (SCI)

  • multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • cystic fibrosis (CF)

  • Degenerative Neurological

  • Disorders

Some of the more common types of physical disability include:

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We give our help unconditionally with care and respect, empowering individuals to build their resilience and find their place in the community in other to optimise their potential.

This organization was established by a Senior Registered Nurse whose extensive experience and expertise in various health sectors, mainly in specialized psychiatric nursing, and one who has achieved more excellent skills in disability services. Our focus is on offering highly competitive and unique services in Aged care, community services, disability, and home care for people; including to individuals with mild cognitive impairment or physical disability, assisting clients with basic activities of daily living, and consistently providing a high level of compassionate care, ensuring outstanding levels of personal care and support in other to promote confidence, self-reliance, and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves in offering quality care and person-centered support services to our clients to achieve their goals in life. The team at PCSS are well trained and qualified from recognized institutions, and we maintain a database of our staff whose services can be solicited through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Also our staff works with utmost competencies to ensure that a participant’s physical, cultural, and domestic needs are valued, treated with dignity and respected for their needs.

Our foremost priority is to offer assistance with in our scope to achieve the needs of our participant’s. We welcome participants from all cultural backgrounds, and diversities, and provide them with a professional and a safe environment while you witness our significant approach towards maintaining your well-being. PCSS specializes in providing excellent Health Care Services in Sydney for clients, including NDIS participants, by ensuring individualized support to maintain independence and self-reliance. We can assure you that our professional’s care and compassion would offer your loved ones suit their care needs. As a collaborative team in this organization, our purpose is delivering a person-cantered approach to clients, thus enabling them to live an independent and comfortable life.

What We Offer

How we help

We know it can be difficult at times managing to stay in your own home without assistance. PCSS is designed to help you maintain your independent and remain comfort without any thing to worried about. Premium care and support services offer a range of services that can broadly be categorized into assisting with household tasks and support, assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs), home care assistance, respite care, transport services, and home nursing.

Household task support we help with household tasks and any jobs that clients with a disability or mental health issues such as:

  • Manual handling

  • Community support services

  • Meal Preparation

  • Assisting with Feeding including PEG feeds)

  • Laundry

  • Dishwashing

  • Showering

  • Bowel Management

  • Grooming and Dressing

  • Household Cleaning

  • Garden Maintenance, and a lot more.

  • 24-hour care, overnight, and hourly care options

  • Assistance with medication

Why Choose Us

Get the best care

Premium care and support services Australia offers quality and personalized care to Clients with mental illness and disability. Apart from treatment, the organization provides support services to these individuals, thus ensuring that they can have a comfortable and normal everyday life. The organization has expertise in caring for persons with a disability and people with mental illness.

As a PCSS support worker, you will receive regular ongoing work with participants who match your skills and interests.

You’ll join a supportive and professional team that believes in constant improvement and self-development; a healthy work life balance and that provides you with new opportunities and experiences to progress your career.

You're in control

We want to ensure that the right team is supporting you. We are devoted to finding the right people that you can trust and feel at ease with.

Team of highly trained professionals

PCSS has well qualified staff who strive for excellence and form outstanding members of the work force. Because we helped train them, we know what their capability are to give you the best care needed.

Personalised Support

Everything we do is personalised for you and your needs. We strive to provide the best support team. You can always count on us to give you high quality service.

We're always there

Whenever you need us – we’ve got you. Morning or evening, we offer 24/7 care.

Mission, vision & values

What we stand for
Mission statement

We seek to provide support to vulnerable people in who are in needs and ensure that our clients’ needs, expectations, and wellbeing are at the forefront of everything we do.

Vision statement

The organization’s vision sense to always ensure that their clients’ expectations and wellbeing are at the forefront of everything they do.

F5C779 (1).png
Value statement

Our values of collaboration and partnerships, compassion, integrity and respect strengthen the significant work we do for our client’s wherever they are.

Our Core Values

The foundations
Collaboration and Partnerships

We empower people, realise potential and maximise the outcomes from our work.


We recognise and respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person.


We truly care and are always open to the needs of others.


We are honest and transparent in all our dealings and accountable for all our actions

Meet Our Team

Who we are
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How we support our team

Our difference
A welcoming team environment
Personal Development
On-the-job training
Flexible work schedules
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About PCSS

Premium Care and Support Services (PCSS) is a Nursing, Support, and Care-based agency in Australia that offers quality disability and mental health support to individuals in a person-centered manner within the communities. Read More


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